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 Meagan’s full immersion into multi-faceted womanhood came in a defining moment in January 2015 when she boldly quit her 9 to 5 for sole entrepreneurship. However, leading and supporting her fellow women was more profoundly preceded by the game-changing women who inspired her along her path, including her mother who equipped her with her relentless work ethic. With eloquent steps toward excellence ever since, Meagan’s unwavering discipline has led her to build and strategize for countless women brands, while simultaneously developing ecosystems for women allowing them to authentically network and flourish through business and womanhood. Committed to the cultivation of the modern woman’s success, Meagan drives daily conversation and action for women in entrepreneurship and corporate careers, helping them to open their mindsets to limitless possibilities and ultimately create the enterprise of their dreams.


Economically Empowered Women, Branding Your Purpose, Global Impact of Women Empowerment, Creating a Generation ofEntrepreneurs, Leadership, Womanhood in Business, Pioneering Your Purpose, The Power & Impact of Community, Co-working Spaces,Owning Your Authentic Story, From Idea to Impact, How Corporations Can Adopt Women Empowerment Principles, Gender Equality & Cultivating a Women’s Empowerment Group.


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